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What is Microblading?

Dissatisfied with your eyebrows? Microblading, similar to tattooing, solves this by depositing inks under your skin to give that ideal form and arch of eyebrows you need. If this interests you, a lot of questions might pop into your head. You might ask, “What is Microblading? How do I get one and what’s the process of getting one?” Today, with the help of an expert microblading specialist from PMU Anna Kara we will highlight the procedures you’ll expect.

As you lie down and get ready for the microblading process, an expert will numb the brow area with lidocaine, a topical agent. The cream will act as an anesthetic and remain on the brows for around 20 to 25 minutes before the clinician removes them. Let’s say you are a customer with sparse eyebrows and you’re lacking those flawless arches – microblading gives solution for complete symmetry and preferred thickness of your brows.

For around 10 to 15 minutes, the clinician outlines your brow and sketches the region with the desired outcome. The clinician stretches the skin in the area and uses fine needle tools and blades that will cut precise hair-like incisions on your brow. The expert will apply ink throughout the eyebrow so that it will sink and seep into those cuts. The numbing cream will stop you from feeling pain but expect minimal bleeding from these wounds. After an hour of the microblading procedure, you’ll see fine hair-like strokes that are fixed in skin shallower as compared to tattoos. After the session, avoid sweating to hinder ink escaping the skin, and also to prevent bacteria from infecting the cuts. After four weeks, you’ll need to go back to the clinic for touch-up sessions.

If you have either too thin or thick brows that concerns you about how you appear in public, microblading might just be for you. Throw out those eyebrow pencils and say goodbye to alopecia and faint eyebrows!

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