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5 Trendy Outdoor Design

If you guys are looking for good designs for your back gardens, you came to the right place. Do you wan’t ideas of what to do to make your garden stand out a bit more than your neighbors? Do you feel like your garden is a bit boring and you want to spice it up a bit? Or did you just move in to your brand new house and want to make your brand new garden look the best it can be? Then you came to the right place.

1.) Modern Vibes
With the help of the designer from Certified Roofing Services a Portland roofing contractor, we came across this trendy outdoor design that will definitely make your friends and family jealous.This one just like the title says is like a modern vibe to a garden. It will definitely suit a lot of you guys back garden or patio. This setup comes with square sofas with an innovative design, tenza chairs and finally an Andros rug.

2.) Bohemian Rhapsody
This is very good idea if you are very simple and clean with your design. It is classic and good looking. Also you should definitely do this if you have mainly sunny weather in your area. This setup comes with a Hammock that you can tie up to your trees, you will also need rattan trays and a Dixie rug for the aesthetics.

3.) Retro Glam
This setup is extremely eye catching because it has lots of bright colors like pink and blue in it. It is a good setup if you wan’t to impress your family members or if you want to just show your neighbors. This setup comes with a small bench appropriate for 2 adults, pink floral pillows, Pagoda umbrella which is blue and a pink love seat.

4.) Coastal Chic
Now this one gives you like a beach type of vibe and is definitely good when you have mostly sunny weathers. It overall looks clean and brilliantly organised in your garden. This setup comes with 4 chaises, lantern, a holly swing and some coral pillows.

5.) Traditional sophistication
It is very defined and elegant. It is also a nice and classic design for your garden/ patio. This design come with a garden stool, a black and white stripped pillow and a nice moderate sized Frances Sofa.

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