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Best Artificial Turf Brands

You’re a busy person, maintaining your lawn just might not be on the top of your t0-do list. No shame in that, but your neighbor might have his lawn looking really good and by comparison it looks like you’re running a mole farm or an exhibit on what a yard would look like after a super nova. There is a simple solution for this problem, artificial turf. Turf looks exactly like real grass and but requires a quarter of the work to maintain, plus it will make your neighbor feel like he’s slacking. Let’s take a look at the three best artificial turf brands so we can find the best brand to take your years from nay to yay.

Commercial.- The best artificial turf brand for commercial use is without a doubt is Brock USA. They are kind of a big deal, doing jobs for the brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium. These people are the real deal and if you are putting down a sports field they are your best bet.

Home and Garden – We took a look at a few of the Best brands for artificial turf San Diego but most were local businesses, “the best brand that serves everyone in the US is Smartgrass Synthetic Truf.” mentioned the owner of a San Diego yard sign company IMS. They do have a local branch as well, they are based in California however if you are not in California you can give their toll free number a call and they will ship you ready-to-install turf.

Honorable Mention – We hesitate to leave this list of the best artificial turf brands without mentioning Synthetic Turf Northwest. They are an award winning brand that has been putting in artificial turf for over 20 years! The only caveat is they are only operating in the northwest at this point, but if you are in the Seattle/Bellevue area of Washington state, these men and women are the way to go!

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