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How to clean rain gutters

Professional roofing companies advise most homeowners to conduct gutter cleaning exercise at least twice a year. The exercise is vital especially when the property is surrounded by huge and tall vegetation. If you want to clean the gutters, embark on the exercise on ideal days that are dry so that you don’t use up a lot of time handling wet debris. However, you need several gardening pieces of equipment such as a garden rake, a safety ladder, a bucket, a garden hose, accessories for cleaning the gutter, work gloves and eye goggles.

If you are not ready to climb on the roof of the house, seek the help of a ladder that can climb. Be sure to bring a bucket, a pair of gloves, and safety glasses before you start cleaning the gutter. If the drains in your home are clogged, some items can block the drain. Put on the gloves and remove the debris by hand.

You must also have tools and accessories to repair the gutters in the event of a leak or damage. Working on the gutters with the help of a ladder involves a number of risks, that may put your life in jeopardy especially when the power lines are close to the building. If you don’t fancy the life working on a ladder, it may be better to consult a professional roofer for regular gutter maintenance.

Rain Gutter Maintenance and Repair

Check your gutters once a month during the rainy season to make sure they are clean. You’ll want to keep in mind that different types of gutters require different maintenance.  In addition to leaving and solid debris, watch out for small seeds and nuts. If they are allowed to accumulate, they can leave tar residues that are difficult to remove. You need the right tools to clean the gutter. The most important tool for this job is a stable ladder.

Always make sure that the gutter system is free of dirt and deposits. Even small amounts of it can cause the gutter to clog. “This, in turn, slows down the water that comes out of the eaves.” mentions Mike a Houston Roofer. And when the rain is heavy, it can lead to an overflow that can damage roofs and walls. If it has been a long time since the gutter was last checked, or if it had rained before it could be cleaned, dirt may have entered the gutter system and pipes. Pour a bucket of water into the gutter and check the water drain. If it is too slow, you should cover the pipes.

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