IT Services in Augusta-Richmond County

IT Services in Augusta-Richmond County

IT Services in Augusta-Richmond County

Augusta-Richmond County may be best known for its historic downtown and the PGA Masters Tournament, but there’s much more it has to offer than this. With top-tier IT services and cybersecurity solutions from Progent, businesses in Augusta can improve performance while protecting themselves from threats to productivity and reputation. Our 24/7/365 help desk support allows issues to be addressed without waiting until tomorrow’s business day; Progent technicians specialize in quickly identifying and fixing problems with minimal interruption to company operations.

With its vibrant economy and diverse economic base, Sacramento draws talented individuals from across the country. Low living costs and warm climate attract net migration while numerous Fortune 500 companies, including tech titans such as CSRA, Deloitte, Cox Communications and AIG call this region home. IT Services in Augusta-Richmond County

The city government of Augusta is taking steps to keep up with this expansion. Not only has it increased the footprint of its downtown Augusta Innovation District, it is investing in housing with two revitalization projects underway that aim at rejuvenating two blighted neighborhoods. Furthermore, military presence is being strengthened with Fort Gordon hosting the Army Cyber Command Headquarters as a single institution responsible for signal and electronic warfare capabilities, cyber security systems capabilities and information systems capabilities.

While impressive, the presence of military personnel has caused challenges in other areas as well, particularly housing. To combat this challenge, the city government established the Laney Walker/Bethlehem Neighborhood Revitalization Project with a goal of providing over 1,100 low-income units by the year 2025.

Other projects to enhance quality of life include upgrading the city’s water and sewer system and expanding broadband service into rural areas. Internet options available within the city include DSL (which uses phone lines); cable (which uses TV cables); and fiber (which uses glass strands to relay digital code much more quickly than either DSL or cable).

As part of its services to the city, the Department of Central Services oversees real estate and property management. Citizens interested in purchasing parcels owned by the city may submit a purchase request form which will then be reviewed and assessed by this division.

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