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The 12 Best Tequilas for Margaritas to Drink in 2021

The margarita is a work of art and basic mixed drink contained a couple of fixings: lime squeeze, a sugar, (for example, triple sec or agave syrup) and tequila. This last part is by a wide margin the most significant, and fortunately, we are inundated with choices. There are incredible tequilas from brands utilizing customary techniques just as refineries utilizing current innovation like diffusers. While blanco, negligibly or unaged tequila, is generally the jug of decision for a margarita, matured articulations from reposado to extra añejo can be utilized too. Here are the best tequilas for making margaritas the entire year.

“Supporter is a brand that I accept is misconstrued,” says Darnell Holguin, drink manager of Craft City who offers Tequila for sale online. “[It] focused on the class overall by offering a superior soul during when the U.S. was all the while attempting to get tequila.” The Roca arrangement is expensive, yet significant in that a tahona stone is utilized to press the agave subsequent to cooking—a customary strategy that many accept separates more flavor. Holguin portrays the flavor as “offset with a herbaceous quality and a fiery, warm completion.”

Casa Noble Reposado Single Barrel

Various barrels are mixed together to make a bunch of matured tequila, however like bourbon, attempting the fluid from one container that has been unobtrusively resting can be an intriguing encounter. Casa Noble is a guaranteed natural and genuine brand that produces excellent tequila at the La Cofradia refinery simply outside the town of Tequila. There is an extra añejo single barrel to attempt, yet the reposado works better in a margarita. This tequila is matured for 364 days in French oak, instilling it with unpretentious vanilla and hot notes.

Don Julio Reposado Double Cask Lagavulin

Wear Julio has a wide range of articulations accessible, from blanco to extra añejo, yet Holguin likes the reposado specifically. He portrays it as having notes of “delicate natural product on the button and a sweet chocolate and cinnamon zest finish.” The reposado is given a smoky imbuement in the Lagavulin Aged Edition, which is done in barrels that were utilized to develop this peated Islay whisky. Utilize the tequila for a margarita with an unmistakable zesty kick.

Código 1530 Rosa

Wine barrel maturing is a strategy utilized by a couple of tequila brands, including Código 1530. The matured articulations are developed in Napa Valley French oak wine barrels, with the Rosa going through only one month getting flavors and its attractive pink shade. “You can taste the consideration that goes into these tequilas, as they were beforehand just delighted in by ace distillers and tequila enthusiasts in Jalisco, Mexico,” says Ellen Talbot, lead barkeep at Nashville’s Fable Lounge. “Anticipate vanilla, oak, cinnamon and orange bloom on the sense of taste.”

ElVelo Blanco

Blanco tequila is the go-to for margaritas. It’s a reasonable, normally unaged soul (it tends to be put into barrels for up to 60 days) that features the unadulterated articulation of refined agave. ElVelo, which is delivered at a similar refinery as Casa Noble, makes a moderate and flavorful blanco. “ElVelo tequila was intended for mixed drinks,” says Talbot. “It makes the ideal bar truck staple.” Expect notes of grass, stone foods grown from the ground piece of mint on the sense of taste.

Santera Reposado

For something with a touch of oak and vanilla flavors to expand the generally particular character of tequila, attempt a container of reposado, which can be matured for as long as one year. Santera develops its reposado for as long as seven months in American oak barrels, giving it a light copper tone and adding some heating zest and delicate tannin to the fluid. The impacts are inconspicuous, however this will help make for an incredible margarita.

Hiatus Añejo

Break is another tequila from the La Cofradia refinery in Jalisco, managed by ace distiller Luis Trejo Rodríguez. This añejo is matured for a year in American oak barrels, giving it a brilliant tone and delicate notes of flavor, caramel and toffee. In any case, the tequila is adequately light to use in a margarita, giving the beverage an unmistakable yet unobtrusive contrast in its flavor profile.

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