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While initially limited to locksmiths and plumbers, nowadays 22 professional services are included on the Google guaranteed program in the U.S., from carpet cleaners to pest control technicians. The categories are widely diverse, but what they have in common is that most of the services are related to household maintenance, that is, it involves some stranger that people put in their houses to get a job done. With this in mind, it is necessary to address what is Google guaranteed and how it benefits both costumers and companies.

What is Google Guaranteed and how it benefits costumers and businesses

To start with, businesses that are part of the initiative can be recognized by a green badge with “Google guaranteed” written next to it when their services appear on the search results. Besides the verification done by Google, another advantage for clients is that, if they have some issues with the service, it is possible to open a dispute and even request a refund of up to 2,000 dollars. However, for consumers to be covered they must book the service through Google Local Services, otherwise, it is not possible to claim Google guaranteed refund. You can sign up here.

In this sense, having a service provider verified by Google is a huge relief for customers, but it also benefits businesses, as it helps to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, companies often question “is Google guaranteed free?”, and unfortunately that is not exactly the case.

Before anything, it must be mentioned that one limitation about how to become Google guaranteed is that this certification is only possible if Google Local Services ads are available for such business in a zip code area.

If so, then comes the application process. There are some doubts about how to get Google guaranteed. The first step is to have general liability insurance, as starting the application process is not even possible without it. Also, if a license is required, it will have to be provided. After this, it is necessary to fill an online form with business and owner information. Finally, Google will present a preview of the ad, which is a paid service.

In the end, even if there are costs involved to make a Google Local Services ad, the customer acquisition generated by the Google guarantee program, along with the credibility of having a Google badge next to the company name, should overcome the costs. Also, costumers will tend to be willing to pay more for services guaranteed by Google, as they benefit from the verification screening and the possibility to ask for a refund. As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what is Google guaranteed, this presents an excellent opportunity to make businesses grow and generate revenue in the long term, while also establishing a safer environment for both parties.

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